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This is the map and list of European countries by monthly average wage (annual divided by 12 months) gross and net income (after taxes) average wages for full-time employees in their local currency and in euros. The chart below reflects the average (mean) wage as reported by various data providers Average Salary In Paris As of 2019, the average net salary in Paris is of 2169 euros per month. That is the highest average salary for all of France. More information on this is available here (in French) A person working in France typically earns around 49,500 EUR per year. Salaries range from 12,500 EUR (lowest average) to 221,000 EUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average yearly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers The average pay for a Physician is €136,683 a year and €66 an hour in Paris, France. The average salary range for a Physician is between €92,276 and €176,771. On average, a Doctorate Degree is the highest level of education for a Physician France - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. Accurate, reliable salary and compensation comparisons for France

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While the average annual wages were of 33,974 euros in 2008, they reached 39,099 euros in 2019. In 2019, most of French citizens earned between 1,000 and 2,999 euros a month Note: En France, on note sur 20 et il est toujours rare d'avoir plus de 18/20, surtout à l'université. She'd gotten straight A's all through high school so she had a 4.0 grade point average. Elle n'a eu que des A au lycée et a donc eu une moyenne de 20. moving average n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc In Bordeaux, France economy, General Manager is on the top list of highest earners, earning an average gross salary of EUR 100,000. Junior Accountant and Other Engineer Career follow, earning EUR 90,000 and EUR 70,000, respectively. Other Restaurant Career earn a gross annual average of EUR 18,528, while Logistics earn EUR 22,000 The best paying degree at France is MBA, with alumni earning an average salary of $115,000. Graduates from France who earn the lowest salaries are those with a Other Degree degree, earning a salary of $53,000 annually. You might also be interested in salaries fo Average Salary in France - Job and Sector Comparison. Job: Net Monthly Income constant 2005 US$ (1): Notes : Net Monthly Income (1): Weekly Hours (2): General Physician median salary: PPP $ 3,620: $ 2,843: Médecins et assimilés, full-time employees, 2002

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  1. The average salary for a Software Engineer in France is €40,677. Visit PayScale to research software engineer salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more
  2. Average wage comparaison in France for Développeurs Web, salaries 2020. Salaries.Work. Sélectionnez le pays. OK. Statistics Last tested. S'inscrire. Ouvrir une session. Name. Select Country . Save Développeurs Web / France. Salaries.work est un site collaboratif gratuit, pour avoir accès aux statistiques complètes, vous devez ajouter à votre salaire. c'est 100 % anonyme. Ajouter votre.
  3. How would my salary compare to other places? Here's Teleport's overview of income and salary rankings by profession in Paris, France. Job salary calculator. Software Engineer salaries in Paris are below average. For this job type, Paris ranks 144th for salaries among 265 cities. Get access to our salary comparison calculator by signing up. Compare salaries city by city with our free salary.
  4. The national average salary for a Engineer is €45,623 in France. Filter by location to see Engineer salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 83 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Engineer employees
  5. Rental and related investment income from France, and taxable in France, beyond this level is taxed at 30%. As a result of simultaneous changes to the liability for social charges, effective from 2019 on 2018 income, the combined rate of social charges and income tax on French sourced income of EEA non-residents will fall to 27.5% (down from 37.2%), provided the income does not exceed the.
  6. Wages in Manufacturing in France increased to 105.10 points in the second quarter of 2020 from 104.10 points in the fourth quarter of 2019. Wages in Manufacturing in France averaged 97.46 points from 1998 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 116.10 points in the first quarter of 2017 and a record low of 72.70 points in the fourth quarter of 1998
  7. al Monthly Wages - plus previous releases, historical high and low, short-term.

The salary range for people working in France is typically from 1,755 EUR (minimum salary) to 5,373 EUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries vary drastically among different job categories. If you are interested in the salary of a particular category, see below for salaries for specific categories. Find your position. This average salary per month is greater than the monthly salary per post by 4 percentage points. daccess-ods.un.org C e salaire m ensu el moyen est plus élevé de quatre points de pourcentage q ue l e salaire m ensu el par poste Average salary for Mechanical Engineer in France is EUR 48,040. Average take home earning is EUR 34,741 (Net).. The most typical salary is EUR 41,937 (Gross).. These data are from our visitors surveys (19 individual salaries).What gets measured gets improved The average salary for a Business Analyst is €43,797 in Paris, France. Salaries estimates are based on 586 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Business Analyst employees in Paris, France

This average salary per month is greater than the monthly salary per post by 4 percentage points. daccess-ods.un.org C e salaire m en sue l moyen e st plus él evé de quatre points de pourcentage q ue l e salaire m ensu el par poste IFOP, und salaire-brut-en-net.fr. Percentage of people who have received or not a salary increase in France at the beginning of 2019. Chart. April 22, 2019. Statista. Accessed September 30, 2020. Traductions en contexte de average salary en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : average net salary, average monthly net salary The average medical doctor salary in Paris, France is 135 620 € or an equivalent hourly rate of 65 €. This is 3% higher (+3 620 €) than the average medical doctor salary in France. In addition, they earn an average bonus of 5 588 €. Salary estimates based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Paris, France

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Average Salary in the UK (2020) £29,600 per year. £1,950 per month. The average salary in the UK is £29,600 per year (or £1,950 per month). Popular Salaries. Deviation from the national average salary; Dentist: £72,000 /year +143% . Engineer: £48,000 /year +62% . Pharmacist: £40,250 /year +36% . Plumber: £32,000 /year +8% . Nurse: £31,000 /year +5% . Tyre Fitter: £26,300 /year -11%. The average wage in France is estimated to be $2,953 per month. This averages out to a yearly salary of $35,436. For a full-time worker, the average gross salary was 2583 euros in 2009 The average salary in Nigeria per month is roughly around N465,843. The average hourly wage is N2687.56 while the average annual salary is about N5,590,116. Using these above figures, you can be able to find out if you are getting the right pay in your place of work or not. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to. This tool allows you to quickly create a salary example for France with income tax deductions for the 2020 tax year. The aim of this tool is to allow you to calculate your income tax in France and your salary after tax in France across a range of salaries. This is also great tool for comparing salaries in France, particularly if you are a France expat looking at a new contract in France or.

Depends where, how, and who you actually are (single, couple or family). I would say 100K€ gross (for a family) is a minimum if you want a bourgeois lifestyle and not worry too much about money. If you are a family from abroad and want to move h.. What is the average salary of individuals with some college, or an associate degree? Adults 25 years and over who attended some college or graduated with an associate degree have a median income of $43,420/year or $835.00/week. This is a 13% increase in income from high school graduates. What is the average salary of a person with a bachelor's degree? The average person with a bachelor's.

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Average Salary Information for U.S. Workers . According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median wage for workers in the United States in the first quarter of 2020 was $957 per week or $49,764 per year (assuming 52 weeks of work per year). Wages were 5.7% higher than a year earlier Some points about salary. In France, there is a guaranteed minimum hourly wage called the SMIC (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance). An employee cannot legally be paid less then this level. The gross SMIC is €10.03 (2019), from which are taken taxes and social security charges (at this wage level, approximately 23%). The SMIC is reviewed annually on the 1st July. Some. Summary about cost of living in Bordeaux, France: Four-person family monthly costs: 3,294.18$ (2,794.37€) without rent (using our estimator). A single person monthly costs: 914.14$ (775.44€) without rent. Cost of living index in Bordeaux is 25.43% lower than in New York. Rent in Bordeaux is, on average, 74.43% lower than in New York

Le salaire moyen en France s'élève à 26 634 euros net par an en 2015. Il s'agit de la dernière donnée disponible en date. Le salaire brut mensuel moyen, lui, passe pour la première fois la barre des 3 000 euros, à 3 021 euros en 2016. Une fois encore, il s'agit de la dernière statistique rendue publique à cette date. Le salaire moyen en France (montants exprimés en net) Ensemble. Personal income taxes in France can be complicated and difficult to calculate yourself. That's why we have created this tool in order to help you estimate your personal income tax burdern in France based on the latest fiscal data from the French authorities for 2019. It's important to keep in mind that this tax calculator is meant to be an estimation of your tax burdern and not a precise. The average work week in Luxembourg is 40 hours. That is slightly more than its neighbors, including France with its mythic 35 hour-week, Germany and Belgium. Average Salary In Luxembourg. The average salary in Luxembourg is 59000 € per year or 4916 € per month (gross), according to the national statistics office of Luxembourg (Statec). The. Average wages are obtained by dividing the national-accounts-based total wage bill by the average number of employees in the total economy, which is then multiplied by the ratio of the average usual weekly hours per full-time employee to the average usually weekly hours for all employees. This indicator is measured in USD constant prices using 2016 base year and Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs.

Pharmacists in France have an average salaries of 14600 EUR per month. It's 9.99% higer than the average salary in France which is 1458 EUR . The highest monthly salary is 14600 EUR in Paris and the lowsest 14600 EUR in Paris. The median Pharmacists in France salary for women is 0 EUR and 14600 EUR for me France (red), OECD - Average (black) Total % of labour cost 2019 France (red), OECD - Average (black) Find all indicators on Government. Health Latest Trend Ranking; Health spending Indicator: 5 376 Total US dollars/capita 2019 France US dollars/capita: Total US dollars/capita 2000-2019 France (red) Total US dollars/capita 2019 France (red) Hospital beds Indicator: 5.9 Total Per 1 000.

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tradução average net monthly salary em frances, dicionário Ingles - Frances, consulte também 'average out',goal average',Dow-Jones average',grade point average', definição, exemplos, definiçã If the average household spends 30 per cent of its income on car payments and therefore so should footballers, for many footballers that means having 5 cars, told you it was simple. The only thing worse than the salesman's calculation was that I met him in a bar with a rugby player salary - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de salary, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit

Average salary in different regions of Poland, source: wynagrodzenia.pl/gus What is the minimum wage in Poland? The minimum salary has increased in 2018 to 2100 PLN before tax which is around 1598 PLN after tax (380 Euro). This is the lowest wage that a full-time employee must be paid per month of work. Increase of the minimum wage in Poland since 2000, source: wynagrodzenia.pl/gus . The. Average prices of more than 40 products and services in France. Prices of restaurants, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included The average software engineer salary in Germany is $55K, while in the Netherlands the salary falls to $51K per year. The average software developer salary in Sweden, Finland, and France ranges from $41K to $45K per year. Average software developer salary in the UK is $40K and is the lowest among other countries Le salaire moyen en France s'élève à 3 227 $ par mois. Accédez gratuitement à toutes les données de salaires en France Average salary in Belgium. According to data from the Average Salary Survey website, the average gross salary in Belgium is €61,357 a year. This is €37,923 after taxes. High paying jobs include the following: Company director: €129,150; HR manager: €96,450; Project manager: €76,900; Manager: €74,000; IT project manager: €65,50

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  1. Knowing the average salary by age group is useful for assessing how much you can expect your salary to grow over the course of your career. For example, based on this data, young adults in the 20 to 24 age group could expect a salary increase of more than 71% by the time they reach the 34 to 44 age group. If you're looking to increase your salary sooner, you may want to consider earning a.
  2. Be careful of what kind of salary you're talking about and reading about - in France, the difference between gross salary (before social security deductions) and net salary (what will end up in your bank account) can be as high as 2x. - user9646 Dec 14 '17 at 9:24. add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 7. I did two post-doc in France, both paid by public institutions. In 2013, CNRS.
  3. Habiter : Salaire moyen en France en 2020 En moyenne, le salaire moyen en France est de 1910.53 €. Cette donnée est issue de la moyenne des salaires moyens renseignés par les internautes habitant dans le pays
  4. The average Flight Attendant salary in the United States is $77,068 as of September 25, 2020, but the range typically falls between $61,855 and $95,542. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education , certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession
  5. The average salary in India is around $295 to $300. Although the amount is very less compared to the west but it is still rising and that is a good thing. In the year 2015, average salary of a working Indian rose by 3.5%. If you break down the list the average salary for different sectors then. Professional Services rose by 11.5% . Energy by 12%. Hi Tech 10.7%. Financial Services by 10%.
  6. imum NHL player salary, per the collective bargaining agreement, is $500,000 in 2009-10 and 2010-11. The maximum seasonal salary for.

The average working week in Paris and France is of 35 hours. It is one of the shortest working weeks in the world. Average Salary In Paris. According to the French National Institute of Statistics, the average salary in Paris and its surroundings was 23,9€ per hour (gross) in 2016. This is more than twice the French minimum and 41% more than. Average salary in Poland: statistical data. If you can speak Polish, go visit this great website, which presents all the statistical data. If you don't speak Polish yet, don't worry, because I translated few pieces for you. minimum wage in 2016: 1 850 PLN; average gross wage in the private sector in the 2nd quarter of 2016: 4 245 PL I wonder to know how much are they paid,from the Air France regional (EMB-170,Avrojet 85,etc),to the Air France Master Captain (A380,777,A340,A330,747,A350) Thank yo Average income around the world The worldwide highest income is earned in Monaco. The smallest budget per capita exists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In our comparison over 78 countries, the USA comes 9th with an average income of 65,760 USD. The average income is calculated by gross national income and population. On dividing all. Paris, France. The annual average salary for Parisians in 2017 was €63,227 (£55,474), the highest annual average salary of the four global cities, and £15,998 more than in London. Salary comparison group Emolument published data relating to how much an average analyst, the lowest position in the banking sector, can expect to earn in London after the UK's withdrawal from the European.

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The average salary for a 20-something man is ¥3,740,000 ($34,000), while the average salary for a 20-something woman is ¥500,000 less, at ¥3,240,000 ($29,455). Average annual salary in Japan by age group (2016). Source: DODA. What is the average annual salary in Japan by industry? DODA's survey also revealed the industries with the highest average salaries. The top six industries in the. FRANCE: 2020 Minimum Salary Increases. January 7, 2020. Effective 1 January 2020, the French government has increased the minimum legal monthly salary requirement (SMIC) to EUR 1539.42 per month (up 1.2% from EUR 1521.22 per month in 2019). The SMIC is the minimum legal salary for all workers in France. A change to the SMIC affects minimum salary thresholds for some types of work permit.

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  1. Chiropractor Salaries by State. What is the average annual salary for a Chiropractor job by State? See how much a Chiropractor job pays hourly by State. New York is the highest paying state for Chiropractor jobs. North Carolina is the lowest paying State for Chiropractor jobs
  2. Employment by job tenure intervals - average tenure. Employment by job tenure intervals - frequency. Job tenure less than 1 year. Employment by job tenure intervals - frequency . Employment by job tenure intervals - persons. Employment by job tenure intervals - persons. Job tenure less than 1 year. Hours worked. Average annual hours actually worked per worker. Average usual weekly hours worked.
  3. C'est le salaire moyen en France selon la nouvelle étude publiée par l'Insee (une étude basée sur les salaires depuis 2015). La moyenne était de 17 928 euros en 1995, 21 293 euros en 2004 et 26 327 euros en 2014. À lire également. En France, le salaire ne fait pas le bonheur. Des disparités entre hommes et femmes . Il existe de fortes disparités entre les femmes et les hommes. Une.
  4. The average wage is a measure of total income after taxes divided by total number of employees employed. In this article, the average wage is adjusted for living expenses purchasing power parity (PPP).The wage distribution is right-skewed; the majority of people earn less than the average wage.For an alternative measure, the median household income uses median instead of average
  5. Societe Air France average salary is $57,716, median salary is $56,100 with a salary range from $49,700 to $66,875. Societe Air France salaries are collected from government agencies and companies. Each salary is associated with a real job position. Societe Air France salary statistics is not exclusive and is for reference only. They are presented as is and updated regularly. Low. 49,700.
  6. The average salary of a person teaching abroad depends on myriad factors. One country may pay $150 a month while another pays $2,000. Some programs include benefits such as health insurance and housing, but not all do. While averages can be a livable range in the country of choice, actual salaries can vary widely. In China, for example, the range can be from $125 a month to more than $9,000 a.
  7. France Display average salary is $48,125, median salary is $48,750 with a salary range from $45,000 to $50,000. France Display salaries are collected from government agencies and companies. Each salary is associated with a real job position. France Display salary statistics is not exclusive and is for reference only. They are presented as is and updated regularly. Low. 45,000. Average.

The average salary for a landscaper in the United States is around $35,401 per year. Avg SalaryShow avg average hourly wage. $23.2k Bottom 20%. $35.4k Median. $54k Top 20%. Landscapers earn an average yearly salary of $35,401. Wages typically start from $23,218 and go up to $53,977. 44 % below national average Updated in 2019. In this article: How much does a landscaper make in the United. addition, France uses performance-related pay (PRP) to a substantially greater extent than the average OECD country. PRP is used for most civil servants and takes the form of permanent pay increments. It can represent a maximum of 11-20% of base salary, and promotions are also used as a performance incentive. Most important factor • The average salary for primary school teachers in France (after factoring in all the bonuses and allowances paid to them) is 12% below the average for OECD countries. Average actual pay is 2% below the OECD average for lower secondary teachers, virtually equal to the OECD average for teachers employed in pre-primary, and slightly abov Music - Ludwig van Beethoven- Ode to jo Financial Analyst Average Salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a financial analyst in 2018 was $85,660.. It's important to recognize this is a very broad figure that represents the entire US. This represents the average data point where 50% of respondents earned higher than $85,660 and 50% earned less than $85,660

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The average nursing salary in the USA is over twice the global average for the profession, showing that the American medical industry recognizes just how important nurses are. Along those lines, it is worth noting that while the amount paid to nurses in India is a pittance compared to the United States and other countries, that $3,556 figure represents an annual salary over 4 times higher than. Surgeon Salaries in France: €9K (median). 32 LinkedIn members shared this salary

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A job as a treasury analyst pays $58,290 a year on average, according to Payscale. However, corporate treasurers, who have more experience, make an average salary of $118,704 Education & Average Salary in US. Average income in America in terms of educational qualifications is also highest among Asians. An Asian woman or man, aged between 25 years and 64 years holding a Doctorate earns an average salary of $91.430 per annum, states US Census Bureau Finland Average Monthly Earnings - values, historical data and charts - was last updated on October of 2020. source: Statistics Finland. Wages in Finland is expected to be 3611.00 EUR/Month by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. Looking forward, we estimate Wages in Finland to stand at 3630.00 in 12 months time. In the long. Nanny Salaries by State. What is the average annual salary for a Nanny job by State? See how much a Nanny job pays hourly by State. New York is the highest paying state for Nanny jobs. North Carolina is the lowest paying State for Nanny jobs

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If you want to write about the 2019 salary don't title your article 'What's the average wage in 2020' since we don't really know what the average wage is yet. In 2020. Anyway. The problem is not with the average wage, which grows consistently, but with the minimum one which should be at least 50% of the average one. Also the growth is not spectacular whatsoever in the case of the. Consultant Project Manager Nice, France Salary: Competitive Ref: TJ1014 Penguin Recruitment are excited to be offering you the wonderful opportunity to join a passionate and friendly team of Energy Consultants in France. The company is looking for someone... See more: Manager jobs in France. Shortlist. Read more. Easy Apply. Account Manager, Life Science. Posted 21 September by taylorollinson.

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Average Salary in Canada. In 2020 the average hourly earnings accross all employess in either full ot part-time work was $31.35. This compares to $23.01 in 2010. Canadian Average Hourly Earnings 2020. Earnings Classification Average Hourly Earnings 2020 Average Hourly Earnings 2018 Average Hourly Earnings 2016 Average Hourly Earnings 2014; Males : $32.47: $28.94: $27.77: $26.52: Females: $28. The geographic location and the surrounding market for jobs also heavily influence the average MBA salary. The QS TopMBA report on jobs and salary trends for 2018 (refer table on the right), conclusively shows that an MBA graduate from a North American school (the US and Canada) or a European country such as France or the UK on an average earn $10K- $40K higher in terms of overall salaries. The average annual salary in Japan is around ¥4.14 million, according to a survey by Japanese online job-search website doda. That's about US$37,800. The survey is based on data collected from around 360,000 full-time company employees aged 20 to 65 who registered with doda's (Japanese-language) agent service between September 2017 and August 2018. It looks at average annual earnings from.

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The average salary in Germany for a firefighter is 4053 EUR per month. EUR: Working in Germany as a 4053: firefighter: 4053: translator: 4123: teacher (adult education) 4150: industrial mechanic: 4349: civil engineer: 4583: computer scientist: 5160: electrical engineer: 5163: mathematician: 5163: physicist: 5201: mechanical engineer: 5506: lawyers: 5667: physicians (assistant doctor) 6927. The average Concept Artist salary is $58,786 as of September 25, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $52,792 and $68,382. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education , certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession The average salary for an Aerospace Engineer is £48,000 gross per year (£3,000 net per month), which is £18,400 (+62%) higher than the UK's national average salary. An Aerospace Engineer can expect an average starting salary of £25,000. The highest salaries can exceed £135,000 Salary for Average Riders. While approximately 50 riders at the top of this sport earn $100,000 or more, the rest earn only what they can win in terms of prize money and bonuses, with no base salary. The majority of prize money is won by the top racers. If one of the non-team riders were to finish in 20th place at one Supercross event, his. Salary after Tax is an easy-to-use online calculator for computing your monthly or yearly net (take-home) salary, based on the fiscal regulations for 2020

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Average Wages In The UK. The average UK annual salary or monthly wage of full-time employees differs drastically across industries. According to the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), average gross annual earnings for full-time employees was £27,600 in 2015, which was a 1.6% increase from the previous year. Depending on which sector. The national average salary for an Office Administrator is £17,459 per year. The salary does not increase much with experience, with the most experienced administrators earning no more than £23,237. If you can progress to Office Manager you will see an increase in salary with the average being £24,451. With profit share and bonuses Office Managers can earn anywhere between £17,512 - £. The average data scientist salary is $100,560, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The driving factor behind high data science salaries is that organizations are realizing the power of big data and want to use it to drive smart business decisions. And because the supply of data professionals hasn't yet caught up with demand, starting salaries for these positions remain high. What are the average salary ranges for jobs in the Pharmaceuticals?There are 503 jobs in Pharmaceuticals category. Average salaries can vary and range from $27,882 to $428,787. Salary ranges can differ significantly depending on the job, industry, location, required experience, specific skills, education, and other factors..

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The average salary for a Registered Nurse is $30.50 per hour in United States. Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most Most Information Technology consultants start off with an average base salary of $75,000 for entry-level positions in lower-tier firms. In the top three firms, Information Technology consultants start off with $85,000-$90,000 as a base salary. MBA recruits and experienced Information Technology consultants earn $150,000 on average, while project leaders earn a base salary between $175,000.

In 2018, the average salary of a full-time employee in the U.S. is $44,564 per year, which comes out to $857 per week. While this is an average, keep in mind that it will vary according to many different factors. The following are only generalizations and are not true for everyone, especially in regards to race, ethnicity and gender. Age—A person closer to their peak income years, which is. Average Salary for College Graduates . The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that the average starting salary for the Class of 2018 stood at $50,944; and while this salary is trending in a favorable direction, it's less than 1% higher than the final average salary for the Class of 2017 which was $50,516.   As they're still finalizing data to their 2019 survey. Average Salary in Nigeria: Details and Analysis. Career advice, Jobs No Comments. Share 10. Tweet . 10 Shares. A circular was recently released by the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission (NSIWC). This is the body responsible for determining and implementing what he wages of Nigerians at different sectors should be, especially those working in federal government establishments. The. The average Geologist salary in Australia is $122,500 per year or $62.82 per hour. With neuvoo's salary tool, you can search and compare thousands of salaries in your region. We including average salaries for jobs related to Geologist positions The average salary is not average. Each county and state has it's own salary. For example, in L.A., the salary is 179,000. The average salary is probably closer to 40,000 dollars a year

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